Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 7:30pm

Presented by Loshadka

"Then they disinterred the chieftain and gave him new clothes. In his grave, he received intoxicating drinks, fruits and a stringed instrument. The chieftain was put into his bed with all his weapons and grave offerings around him. Then they had two horses run themselves sweaty, cut them to pieces, and threw the meat into the ship. Finally, they sacrificed a hen and a cock."

Formed in May 2007, Loshadka is an online collective of interdisciplinary artists scattered across the East Coast. They make magic happen at via sharing original, found, and altered media on a group blog.

Along with Nasty Nets, Spirit Surfers and Double Happiness, Loshadka was identified as one of the key practitioners of “group blogging as a form of artistic practice” by Marcin Ramocki in his influential 2008 text “Surfing Clubs: organized notes and comments.” “From the art practice point of view,” Ramocki observes, “a post is a hybrid act involving both curatorial research and conceptual art gesture."

While most of the efforts are based online, the group also shows in person, attempting to reconcile the virtual work with the physical.

They (currently) are: Justin Clark, Petra Cortright, Thomas Galloway, Eric Mack, Ilia Ovechkin, Jay Peyton, Billy Rennekamp, Ken Seeno, Hayley Silverman, Will Simpson, Travess Smalley, and Dan Wickerham.

At Light Industry, Loshadka will screen a series of videos, individual efforts of the artists involved in the project, derived from a collective "toolbox" of items—custom-made tools, files, techniques and ideas.

Tickets - $7, available at door.