Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 7:30pm
An Evening with Rhonda Lieberman

155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

Pssst! Please join us for a rare screening of a fabulous flick that was a popular VHS bootleg (back in the day when we had VCRs!). We can’t mention it overtly because it was "removed from public distribution" for toying with sacred cows like ‘70s Pop Stars, eating disorders, officially licensed products and dysfunctional families. In short, it is highly entertaining, and as brilliant as it is transgressive. We will see either a 16mm print or the new restored HD version—both exciting!

Essayist and critic Rhonda Lieberman, a Contributing Editor at Artforum, will introduce the film with a short reading to celebrate the recent launch of Pep Talk 7: The Rhonda Lieberman Reader edited by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, a big fat compilation of her work in the trenches chronicling the Good, the Bad and the Tasteful in and around the art world, academia, consumer culture and Inequality since 1989! After the screening, she’ll be available to kibbitz and sell some books (she hopes!). According to Gilda Williams in this month’s Frieze: “The Rhonda Lieberman Reader is the answer to our prayers…I never want to meet her.” To quote auteur theorist and practitioner Larry David: "With critics like these, who needs friends?"


Please note: seating is limited. First-come, first-served. Box office opens at 7pm.