Monday, July 31, 2023 from 6-10pm
Monday Night Books: The Film Books

361 Stagg Street, Suite 407, Brooklyn

Light Industry will be hosting a one-night-only sale of some truly excellent film books: over 500 volumes, covering the entire history of cinema, from camera obscuras to videogames, all priced to move. Essential works of film theory, film history, and film criticism will be available alongside a variety of titles from the medium’s innumerable nooks and crannies. In the market for a collection of Pasolini’s letters? Stop by, it’s right here on the shelf. In search of a lavish monograph on Technicolor? Don’t worry, it’s in stock. Curious about America’s first pirate tv station? Oh, we have just the thing.

Why, one might ask, are you hawking these gems? As a practical measure, given the spatial limitations of the typical New York City apartment, Ed and I are combining our working film libraries at the office, and I’m finding new homes for all the titles we both have. Put simply, these are not middling volumes I’m looking to unload, but rather those books that are vouched for twice over.

This event will serve as a kind of postscript to my brief tenure as the laziest bookseller alive. Over the next couple of weeks, as I ready the inventory, I’ll be sharing daily samples of what’s on offer.

See you then,

Cash and Venmo accepted. Above illustration by Dash Shaw.