Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 7pm
Yvonne Rainer's Kristina Talking Pictures

155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

Kristina Talking Pictures
Yvonne Rainer, 1976, 16mm, 90 mins

Kristina Talking Pictures is a narrative film inasmuch as it contains a series of events that can be synthesized into a story if one is disposed to do so. (A European woman lion-tamer comes to America and takes up choreography.) The film can also be characterized by its discursions from a strict narrative line via reflections on art, love, and catastrophe sustained by the voices of Kristina, the heroine-narrator, and Raoul, her lover.

Within its form of shifting correlations between word and image, persona and performer, enactment and illustration, explanation and ambiguity, KTP circles in a narrowing spiral toward its primary concerns: the uncertain relation of public act to personal fate, the ever-present possibility for disparity between public-directed conscience and private will.

Having just put your check to Amnesty International in the mailbox, you are mugged....or discover you have cancer....or perhaps you betray an old friend. Nothing can ensure that we remain honorable, nor save us from betrayal and death.

In the next-to-last shot a love letter is recited. So you see, things aren't all that bad.

- Yvonne Rainer

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