Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 8pm
Films by Jennifer Reeves

Presented by Jennifer Reeves

Elations in Negative, 16mm, 1990, 5 mins
A bloody adaptation of a William Carlos Williams poem. The film begins with William’s question “What are these elations I have at my own underwear?” and Reeves answers with a not so elated, transgressive statement.

The Girl’s Nervy, 16mm, 1995, 5 mins
Exuberant rhythms are created for the eyes in this nostalgic study of the single film frame, through cutting, pasting, and painting clear and photographed film images. Fleeting shapes in lush, spattered color flicker and dance to big band beats.

We Are Going Home, 16mm, 1998, 10 mins
Solarized, tinted, and optically-printed, this is a surreal portrait of desire, ghosts and pursuit of the sensual. Rhythmic color shifts in the emulsion bring life to the rural landscape, which seems to embody the terrain of the subconscious. Three women seek pleasure and the beyond in parallel universes, which never quite intersect. When one finds another, she is either buried in the sand or asleep under a tree. Consciousness is always singular.

Trains Are for Dreaming, Super-8/16mm, 2008, 8 mins (in progress)
8 super-8 years compressed into 8 eye-popping minutes. A dreamer moves through landscapes to far seas—over tracks, winding roads, through skies and waters—on a journey of flight and fancy. The animals are watching and the chicks are chasing sunsets and dancing with sharks. Life goes on.

He Walked Away, 16mm double projection, 2003-2006, 17 mins
Performed at Rotterdam Film Festival, Dundee Contemporary Arts Festival: Kill Your Timid Notion, and Tonic, with composer Anthony Burr. Performed at Toronto International Film Festival 2003 with musicians Erik Hoversten and Dave Cerf. Also performed at Tonic in NYC and at the City Theater in Reykjavik, Iceland with musicians Skuli Sverrisson and Hilmar Jensson. And performed at UCSD with musicians Anthony Burr and Eliza Slavet. (Live film and music performance, two 16mm projectors overlapping color and black and white film images by Reeves.)

Cuba Diary: A Film, Super-8, 1996, 15 mins
Never shown publicly, a diary film with a guest appearance by Fidel Castro.

Followed by a post-show discussion between Reeves and Elisabeth Subrin.

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