Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 7pm
Jorge Jácome's Flores + Basma Alsharif's Ouroboros

155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

Light Industry hosts an evening with Ellipsis, a new quarterly screening series taking place in venues across New York City, organized by Mariana Sánchez Bueno and Ehm West. In the words of its founders, the goal of Ellipsis is to provide “a space in which different contexts and modes of storytelling can build off one another,” with each program “geared towards connecting two languages, either aesthetic or literal,” invigorating both the cinema and the gallery with perspectives that look to horizons beyond the Western canon.

Tonight, Ellipsis will present Flores by Jorge Jácome and Ouroboros by Basma Alsharif.

Flores, Jorge Jácome, 2017, digital projection, 26 mins

A hypnagogic narrative rooted in both the speculations of science fiction and the investigative operations of documentary, Flores imagines an Azores that has become overrun with hydrangeas, a species already abundant in the region whose presence, in Jácome’s telling, has proliferated to the point of forcing all human inhabitants to emigrate to the Portuguese mainland. The story unfolds through the wanderings of a pair of soldiers who remain stationed on the islands, where they patrol a homeland now transformed into a flowery wilderness. Their military figures set against a tinted, lavender-blue landscape, the two young men become paradoxical emblems of tenderness and resilience, nostalgia and resignation.

Ouroboros, Basma Alsharif, 2017, digital projection, 74 mins

“An homage to the Gaza Strip and to the possibility of hope beyond hopelessness. Ouroboros, the symbol of the snake eating its tail, is both end and beginning: death as regeneration. An experimental narrative film that turns the destruction of Gaza into a story of heartbreak, Ouroboros asks what it means to be human when humanity has failed. Taking the form of a love story, the film’s central character is Diego Marcon, a man who embarks on a circular journey to shed his pain only to experience it, again and again. In the course of a single day, his travel fuses together Native American territories, the ancient Italian city of Matera, a castle in Brittany, and the ruins of the Gaza Strip into one single landscape.” - BA

Tickets - $8, available at door.

Please note: seating is limited. First-come, first-served. Box office opens at 6:30pm.