Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 8pm - SPECIAL SCREENING
Action News


Light Industry interrupts its regularly scheduled programming to host Action News. Presented by Small Change, this special screening of experimental film and video from Philadelphia, plus a live performance or two, features work by Sarah Christman, Dave Dunn, Ted Passon, Mark Price, Michael Robinson, Clare E. Rojas, Ryan Trecartin, Chris Ward, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright: Art Jokes.

Tommy Chat Just Emailed Me, Ryan Trecartin, video, 2006, 7 mins
Trecartin's fantastical video narratives seem to be conjured from a fever dream. Collaborating with an ensemble cast of family and friends, the 26 year old Trecartin merges sophisticated digital manipulations with footage from the Internet and pop culture, animations, and wildly stylized sets and performances.

Hairdryers/Blue Pumpkins, Chris Ward, video, 2008, 4 mins
Lost souls lead viewers to hidden places that only starlight children can navigate.

Private Dance Movie, Chris Ward, video, 2008, 4 mins
Metaphysical workout video with found footage echto-grams.

Dear Bill Gates, Sarah Christman, 16mm/video, 2006, 17 mins
A simple correspondence evolves into a poetic visual essay exploring the ownership of our visual history and culture. Combining original and archival film, video and images from the internet, Dear Bill Gates draws unexpected connections among mining, memory, and Microsoft.

Ich Bin Ein Manipulator, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Clare E. Rojas, 16mm, 2003, 6 mins
Fashion magazines are improved with the help of white-out and magic markers in this sequel to the original Manipulators.

White Bear, Brown Tail,
Andrew Jeffrey Wright, video, 2001, 1 min
An animation about what's inside us all.

Light Is Waiting, Michael Robinson, video, 2007, 11 mins
A very special episode of television's Full House devours itself from the inside out, excavating a hypnotic nightmare of a culture lost at sea. Tropes of video art and family entertainment face off in a luminous orgy neither can survive.

Throws, David Dunn, video, 2006, 3 mins
Made using a CVS disposable video camera.

Tree, David Dunn, video, 2005, 5 mins
Every fall since 2002 I have shot video in the tree outside of my parent's house. This is footage from 2005.

Dopeness, Ted Passon, video, 2007, 2 mins
Music video for Philly rap group Plastic Little, featuring MC Nobody's Child (aka Kurt Hunte) as a pop-locking doctor who makes his rounds amidst dancing nurses and patients.

Finger Bangin, Ted Passon, video, 2005, 6 mins
This music video for the Philly-based pop-dance band Sweatheart, stars Andrew Jeffrey Wright as a dedicated high school teacher trying to teach his students about finger banging. "Remember, God gave some of us wangs, but he gave all of us fingers."

Space 1026, Ted Passon, Super-8/16mm, 2007, 21 mins
A portrait of a community of artists and the building in Philadelphia that anchors them together. Comprised of over ten years worth of documentation this short (with plans to be eventually not as short) examines the challenges and successes of artists with little resources trying to create a work space that would later unexpectedly flourish into a community space.

Followed by performances from Cars Will Burn (Mark Price) and Sweatheart.

Tickets - $6, available at door.